Columbus Music and Art Academy

CICC wins gold medal at the World Choir Games, 2018


Welcome to the Columbus Music and Art Academy, which offers the renowned Columbus International Children's Choir, engaging art classes, and thorough music theory courses to K-12 students in Greater Columbus, Ohio. We are also the proud hosts of the Central Ohio Singing Competition.

Founded in 2003 by Tatiana Kats and led by a team of passionate instructors, our academy has earned accolades for its commitment to arts education. It was supported by the Columbus Foundation, the Greater Columbus Arts Council, and the Dublin Arts Council.

The Columbus International Children's Choir won gold medals at the World Choir Games and performed at the most prestigious venues, including The White House, Carnegie Hall, and St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. Our art students showcase their talents at biannual art exhibitions organized by the academy. Our music theory students participate in the Royal Conservatory Certificate Program; some take the AP music theory exam.

We invite all children interested in music and art to join our programs. Browse our website to see how we can enrich your child's life. Enrollment is open all year, with classes and rehearsals on Saturdays. Join us and start your child's journey into the arts today!


"I highly recommend this academy to families who are looking for professional, caring, and highly acclaimed musicians and instructors to teach your children music. Not only did my three daughters receive solid music theory and numerous high-profile performance opportunities; but they were surrounded by rich cultural diversity within the choir that broadened their worldview."
- Rhonda Shappert

"I was a member of the Columbus International Children's Choir and it is an experience I will never forget. From competing in the World Choir Games to performing around the world in some of the most iconic artistic hubs, Tatiana Kats and the other teachers provided a wonderful serious yet greatly enjoyable experience to each of us. I developed greatly as a singer and I learned to love art in a way that I did not think was possible. I would recommend this experience to anyone interested in developing as an artist or in immersing yourself with talented teachers and kids that love art."
- Niki Grotewold

"My kids have been members of this choir for over 10 years. They love the music, the challenge, the other kids and their choir directors - and they sound beautiful! These are kids that had no special training before they joined the choir. Tatiana Kats and the other choir directors teach them with respect and challenge them to grow. My children have experienced choir competitions, have travelled in Ohio, the US and to other countries, and one of them got to meet and perform for the president and first lady of the United States."
- Tanya Rosen

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